What’s Cool

October 3, 2018 Off By Chuck

It’s interesting to note this year Warren Buffett turns 88 and his fortune (as calculated by Forbes) totals just under $1B for every year he has been on this planet, at $87B. If you dig a bit deeper into Warren “the human” and ignore his mad business skills and wealth, you find he is actually quite a good human being.  He puts money into perspective as you can tell by the top 10 things he thinks are important and, in his words, “cool”.

  1. Saying ‘thank you’
  2. Apologizing when wrong
  3. Showing up on time
  4. Being nice to strangers
  5. Listening without interrupting
  6. Admitting you were wrong
  7. Following your dreams
  8. Being a mentor
  9. Learning and using people’s names
  10. Holding doors open

Even though I need a lot of work on #5 and #10, I couldn’t agree more Warren, that list is pretty cool.