May 14, 2018 Off By Chuck

When looking for investment opportunities, some of the most interesting setups can only be found when looking across multiple time frames and is why I find it a critical step. If something looks interesting short term but is in a long term downtrend, it is likely that opportunity will only be a winner if managed as a short term trade.  But when something develops in a short term view and is in alignment with the longer term, it not only increases the probability of success but also the expectation of large gains. These are borne out when a short term pattern is nested inside a much larger pattern.  A good example is what is occurring right now with Jazz Pharma, JAZZ.

The daily chart below shows price is ready to breakout above the neckline of this almost 10 month inverse head and shoulders pattern. Notice how price has held above the 200 day moving average, when its support was tested twice in April and May. When combined with the fact that RSI momentum is rising and is within the bullish zone, the weight of the evidence says a break above the blue horizontal neckline provides a compelling upside target in the 191 area above, some 19% higher.  This looks like a great set up.

When looking at the same investment on a weekly time frame something very interesting stands out as you can see below. Nesting. The inverse head and shoulders pattern that I showed above (blue) is actually the right shoulder of the same but much bigger inverse head and shoulders (green) pattern. Notice how the blue (daily time frame) target just so happens to be at the prior 2015 high. This is not unusual. That is where resistance exists. Those that purchased at or near that level in the past and are still holding will provide a huge amount of share supply which will likely either slow or stop a quick move above that level. They are currently underwater and as such, the normal desire to “break even” will induce many to sell, even though now seems like a time to accumulate.

The upside target for the larger (green) pattern has an even more attractive target near 225, doubling the smaller pattern’s return. When nesting occurs like it has here, it sets up the possibility not only for greater returns for the opportunity but also extending its holding period, a benefit for those wanting to be less active.