Lightening II

Lightening II

January 31, 2018 Off By Chuck

Back on November 20 of last year I wrote about the possibility of lightening striking twice on ASND stock. The stock was setting up to break out of a cup and handle pattern right after reaching its upside target out of an inverse head and shoulders.  The cup and handle pattern pointed to a 15% upside move. Remember this chart?

San Ramon fee only cfp wealth advisor - 1-31-18 -ASND 1.png

As you can see in the chart below, It took 20 days of price grinding sideways before the buyers eventually overwhelmed the sellers and price climbed higher. Much higher. In fact it blew right past the pattern’s target and peaked ~48% above the close on the date of my blog post.

San Ramon fee only cfp wealth advisor - 1-31-18 -ASND 2.png

As you would expect after such a big move in a short period of time and being massively overbought, the stock will need to digest its gains before we are likely to get a clue on what may lay ahead for ASND. The good new is that biotech is on a roll and I expect, once done consolidating, ASND may be ripe for another rip higher. If you took this trade, congratulations. Consider selling ½ and letting the rest run.