Is Another Disappointment Ahead for the Bears?

Is Another Disappointment Ahead for the Bears?

September 26, 2017 Off By Chuck

In Monday’s post about the potential for a correction in the Nasdaq 100 index, I mentioned how some (not all) of the top components of that index don’t look well. In today’s post I wanted to show a few charts to illustrate what I was referring to.

The largest percentage holding in that index is Apple. As you can see, price has broken the 10 month uptrend line, formed a large complex topping pattern and just recently fallen below the important horizontal support. A push higher to regain that level would go a long way towards invalidating the breakdown. Barring that, a continuation of this breakdown targets the area where the 200 day moving average resides.

The 3rd largest component, Amazon looks almost as bad. Like Apple price has broken below the 10 month uptrend support line and has formed a bigger (and more familiar) topping pattern. Some will immediately recognize the head and shoulders pattern which has not yet validated but is oh, so close to doing so.  I have added 3 areas of potential support (T1, T2, T3) below where a pullback would likely find support (buyers) depending upon the strength of the decline.

Finally, the 4th largest component is Alphabet, Google’s parent company. With a similar look to Apple and Amazon but not quite as ominous as price still sits above its 10 month uptrend support line. Just barely though. GOOG, like the first two charts has formed a large topping pattern. If price were to gap lower below the horizontal support line, it will have formed an island top pointing to a decline of 90-100 points below the neckline, or about 20% below its double top high.

I know I keep repeating myself (its not because I am getting old but rather at some point it will matter) but this market has been unbelievably irrepressible and resilient making these warnings unnecessary. Normally investors would be sitting up and taking notice with concern when we see charts like those above, especially when they represent the supposed market leaders. Either way, it should be interesting over the next few weeks to see where the market goes in the short term, if anywhere. Will the bears once again be disappointed or will we see the first decent market correction we have seen in year?